Common carbon black includes the industrial furnace black, channel black, cracking and high-temperature graphitized carbon black as well as acetylene black etc. Acetylene black is high performance carbon black. Acetylene is made from calcium carbide. After purified it is isolated from the air and cracked at high temperature and cooled down. Then acetylene black is obtained and collected.

Chemical description:  Acetylene Carbon Black
Chemical formula: C
Molecular Weight: 12.01
Character: black powder and granular
Quality Standard: GB/T3782-2006
Diameter: 35-45nm
Oil absorption Value: 220-330ml/100g

      Features: Compared with other carbon black, it has the features of light mass with small specific gravitylarge surface area with strong adsorption, stable chemical property, good surface activity with high conductivity, high purity with low ash and volatile.

Compared with the acetylene black powder, granular acetylene black has the


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